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The conference will be held from May 23, 2009 to May 26, 2009, on the island of San Servolo, in the Venetian lagoon, one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring islands of the Venice lagoon.

Also known by Venetians as Saint Servilio, the Istrian martyr, celebrated on 24th May, San Servolo is located between the canal of the Orfano, of San Nicolò of the Lazzaretto; it covers an area of 4.82 hectars, 3.8 of which are gardens.
It is situated between the islands of the Venice Lido, San Lazzaro degli Armeni and San Clemente, a mere ten-minutes away by waterbus from San Marco, the historical heart of Venice.

The Island now boasts a thriving conference centre, and is home to the International University of Venice. It is the only island of the Venetian lagoon to have been bought by a local authority, the Province of Venice.

San Servolo View
There are regular public waterbus services between San Marco and the island organized by Venice's public transport service ACTV. Waterbus number 20 will take you from San Zaccaria (near San Marco) to San Servolo, then on to San Lazzaro degli Armeni. You can find updated timetables on the ACTV official website.
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