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As you probably know, Venice is visited by about 14 millions of tourists every year, so there are many hotels available with a very large spread of prices.

We have booked a limited number of rooms for the participant convenience at the ceonference venue.
These on-site rooms at the San Servolo Campus are available for the conference participants. The on-site rooms are comfortable and nice, with private bath, TV and air-conditioning, but no daily room service and breakfast are included. The on-site rooms can be booked through this area and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Single, double, three, four and five bed rooms are there available and they can be shared upon request. The rooms are offered for a minimum stay of three nights and requests to extend the lodging period are also possible.

Overall room prices for a 3 nights stay. (check-in May 23 - check-out May 26, 2009)

Room typeQuantityPrice
Single room30225 € (75 € x 3)
Double room26330 € (110 € x 3)
Double room (single occupancy)300 € (100 € x 3)
Three bed room12360 € (120 € x 3)
Four bed room3420 € (140 € x 3)
Suites2465 € (155 € x 3)

Follow this link to ACCESS PAYMENT AREA
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